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Feng Shui Testimonials

Feng Shui Testimonials:

     A Feng Shui Consultation (including a "room reading") and decluttering with an artist:
"In just a few hours, Sarah walked through my home and helped me declutter, offering many suggestions for harmonizing each room with a room reading to help me make sense of each space. (read more here)
M. Amber, Artist
Natick,  Massachusetts


     A consultation (including "lucky directions") and decluttering session with an ER Nurse and mother of two:
"I've been working with Sarah for a few months now and even though I've only had time to implement small changes, the effects have been dramatic.  One change in our kitchen reduced some of the busy "yang" energy and improved the flow through that area of the house.  (read more here)
J. Denno, Nurse, International Lecturer, Mother of Two
San Francisco, California

     A Feng Shui consultation with a budding herbalist:
I met with Lucia nine months ago.  Lucia's main goal was to start her own herbal business or retreat center at her home in Vermont.  She also had concerns about her bedroom area being cluttered and far from calm.   Her two children were leaving home, and she was considering how to use her space differently.  I offered coaching, decluttering advice, and a Feng Shui consultation using 5 Element Theory and Form School.  (read more here)

A "check in" nine months later... 
"So, let me should see the house! An unbelievable change. We are slowly getting the house uncluttered and the energy flow is noticeable for everyone that enters.  I got some red curtains and a new comforter with flowers on it. (read more here) 
Marlboro, Vermont

Space Clearing from a Healthcare Practitioner: 
As a busy healthcare practitioner who sees 30+ patients per week, I was delighted for the opportunity to work with Sarah for a much-needed energetic space clearing. Working with Sarah to cleanse and reset my work/ clinic space was both enjoyable and fascinating. Sarah's extensive knowledge and on-point intuition were a powerful combination in achieving a lighter and more open feeling in my space. I deeply appreciated Sarah's thoroughness in assessing what my goals were for the work we did together and using her knowledge of Numerology, Feng Shui, and Herbology to suggest rearrangements and choose appropriate cleansing 'techniques'. I appreciate that Sarah included me in the process to facilitate my own intentions. The day after the space clearing, I felt more open and 'free' while working, which made for better outcomes and more enjoyable "work"! I look forward to working with Sarah on a routine basis. The Monadnock region is lucky to have her! 
Keene, NH