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(read more from M. Amber, Artist):  As an artist and a teacher, I have many projects going on. Sarah helped me prioritize my activities and set intentions of each of the rooms purpose. Not only was I inspired to purchase the beautiful work table that I loved, I now work in my home studio without distraction (instead of at the dining room table!). Sarah also set up sections in a room for my yoga and self care. I got rid of furniture that no longer served a purpose, and a year later, my husband and I have matching recliners in a harmonized space in the living room (which is decluttered and sectioned off to have a bill paying station to help me keep current). "
M. Amber, Artist
Natick,  Massachusetts
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(Read More From J. Denno, Nurse):  One change in our kitchen reduced some of the busy "yang" energy and improved the flow through that area of the house.  In talking with Sarah and reading over her follow up notes, I notice I look at my rooms very differently now and am making more choices based on what it will do to the energy of that room.  Her follow up notes are especially helpful in processing the information we've discussed, and I can share it with my husband so we both understand the goals for making the changes.  This has also led us to discussions so that we are working together to really think about how we want to implement these new ideas.  Sarah is very mindful of time limits and flexible in working with barriers; she offers great suggestions and an outside perspective on challenges we've left idle for a while in the fast pace of our life with two young children.  I recommend her highly for any Feng Shui needs!"
J. Denno, Nurse, International Lecturer, Mother of Two
San Francisco, California
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(read more about Lucia, Herbalist, Vermont) After a half day consult and a few brief check-ins, Lucia was well on her way to decluttering and making sense of her kitchen as an herbal apothecary.   We took at look at a smaller room to create a man cave for her husband's books and family artifacts (Scandinavian knives) which were removed from the wall of the bedroom (yikes).  We paired matching items of two for the bedroom (two of the same end tables, two of the same lamps), and integrated and kept stuff that was functional, beautiful, and peaceful for the room.  The bedroom has a sense of equality and the space itself a sense of balance.

(more from Lucia, Herbalist, Vermont) And I have managed to keep my dresser organized and clothes folded. I am still in awe and wondering what magic you brought here to help make this happen. So incredible!!!

The living room has the same nice energy flow and the man cave is stunning. We are working on the kitchen now and then onto the upstairs.

 In the meantime all this Fung Shui in the house is helping me organize my business. I am working with an old friend on a logo, webpage and a store front. Once the kitchen is painted I will be having some classes (like learn to make your own lotion). I am looking for space and open to that possibility too. AND the kitchen is less cluttered."

Marlboro, Vermont
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