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Herbal Consultations

90-Minute Initial Herbal Consultation  $125
Your herbal consultation will include an intake of your health history and a discussion of your goals.  During your consultation, we will together prepare your own herbal infusion, herbal decoction, and herbal vinegar.  You will take your delicious preparations home with you to enjoy.  Herbs will be specifically chosen for you to help you build your daily nutrition and to help decrease and manage your stress.  You will leave your consultation with an herbal drink that may increase your energy and health, without the use of the harmful stimulants such as caffeine or sugar.  Enjoying herbs is an easy life-style change that you can make right now.  I would love to share with you how the wisdom of the plants may help you heal.  Herbs may help you sleep better, increase your circulation and lymphatic flow, free your muscles and joints of pain, decrease your sugar cravings naturally, get out of the funk you may be feeling, and get into a state of lightness and well being.  My hope is that you will become the person you want to become.  I hope you may choose to live each day having easy go-to kitchen remedies and herbal teas that will help your mind and body return to homeostasis, a state of balance.   You must do the work in order to make a change in health.  What better way to start making changes than to be around the beautiful energetics of herbs!  I would love to assist and help you with questions you may have.

60-minute follow up herbal consultation:  $85
In-office follow-ups are preferred.  If your follow up is via phone, please be seated in a quiet place with pen and paper.

Please call or e-mail to book your appointment.


75-Minute Deep Listening with Herbs and Crystal Grid    $125
This is a deep relaxation session calling in spirit and using herbs and crystals placed on the body in a grid.  The session will bring you to a deep, quiet place in your heart center.  When you are living and vibrating in that deep centered place, life flows easier and decision making is made from your authentic self, your essence.  Your life transitions can be joyful, fulfilling, and loving experiences.   If you are on the cusp of change, but feel you need some guidance and assistance, please ask about the 5-session series.  The session can be geared towards your specific goals, or you may leave it up to Spirit to guide you on your path.  It is my hope that these sessions will open up a new, broader sense of relationship that one has with stress and change. 

75-Minute Herbal Facial
This facial takes time to prepare.  Please e-mail me with a few dates and times that work in your schedule so we can book your session.  Organic chamomile tea steam, honey nutmeg masque, cucumber apple cider vinegar astringent, yarrow herbal oil face massage.  Can you get any better than this?

90-Minute Herbal Tea Application
This service takes time to prepare.  Please e-mail me a few dates and times that work in your schedule so we can book your session.  Your session includes an intake and then steeping specific herbal teas that are to be applied to the body with a cloth.   Tea compresses or herbal oils may be applied to help relieve muscular, mental, or emotional tension.  This session is deeply relaxing to the body and cleansing to the mind.  May you feel tingly, clear, and light!

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